Welcome to the Garden District  sign designed by  Caitlyn Galloway,  and painted by  New Bohemia Signs . 

Welcome to the Garden District sign designed by Caitlyn Galloway, and painted by New Bohemia Signs

The Portola Urban Greening Committee (PUG) supports the Portola District's goal of expanding and deepening its identity as San Francisco's Garden District. 

Representing community needs and interests, PUG works to increase neighborhood greenspace, walkability, and overall thriving through green projects and the promotion of environmental sustainability in the Portola. 


What is the history of PUG's work?

2014-2015: The Portola Green Plan

  • A diverse group of Portola residents and neighborhood stakeholders convened to form the first Portola Urban Greening (PUG) committee to promote the Portola’s Garden District identity and build a stronger community and a more sustainable future.
  • With support from District Supervisor David Campos, the PUG worked with its neighbors to build consensus about what's next for the Garden District resulting in the Portola Green Plan. The report catalogues feedback from Portola residents and stakeholders and now serves as a roadmap for future neighborhood projects and community engagement. 

2015-2016: Garden District Resolution and Award of Community Challenge Grant

  • The PUG collaborated with Supervisor Campos to introduce a resolution officially recognizing the Portola as San Francisco's Garden District and supporting the implementation of the Portola Green Plan, which was unanimously affirmed by the Board of Supervisors on October 25th 2016
  • In collaboration with Portola residents and stakeholders, the PUG secured a Community Challenge Grant to begin implementing the Portola Green Plan. The award funded the Green Placemaking Initiative, which activated neglected Caltrans land with a beautiful hand-painted sign commemorating the Portola's Garden District identity, and the planting of a native, drought-tolerant, pollinator-friendly garden beneath the sign. 

2016-2017: Implementation of Green Placemaking Initiative and Award of Community Challenge Grant

  • The PUG installed the massive 40' x 20' Welcome to the Garden District sign, and coordinated a series of community gardening days to transform the neglected land beneath the sign into a thriving garden! To celebrate the sign's installation and the City's recognition of the Portola as the Garden District, the PUG organized neighborhood residents and supporters for the Portola's Garden District Unveiling.
  • Building on this momentum, the PUG was awarded a second Community Challenge Grant for Play in the Greenway. This initiative focused on another Caltrans easement, lying just south of Burrows Pocket Park.


What's next?

  • In Summer 2017, the PUG will gather residents to envision the future expansion of Burrows Pocket Park, inviting the neighborhood to provide feedback and ideas in order to create a community-inspired plan for the space. Keep tuned for updates!